began in the summer of 2011 as a way for Randy and Jane to make their bison meat available to customers across the country. Based in Adams, Nebraska, the operation has quickly taken off to include a second ranch and currently, ships out a wide variety of bison meat products including Bison Steaks, Burger, Roasts, Jerky, Prime Rib, Hot Dogs and many other bison products out around the United States every week.

Additionally, makes some of our products available for wholesale and we have partnered with a few local restaurants and grocery stores who sell our bison to their customers.

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In 2012, Randy and Jane added a second ranch to their operations, thus Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch was born. Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch is located in Bruner, Missouri and is much larger than the Miller's home ranch in Nebraska. Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch has allowed the Millers to expand their bison herd to continue to meet demand for their bison meat and ensure that the bison they sell is raised and processed according to their principles.

The size and location of Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch has allowed Randy and Jane to expand their operations to include agri-tourism and hunting opportunities. A beautiful cabin sits on a hill on the ranch which is available for rent to anyone looking for a stay near the Ozarks on a beautiful bison ranch. Hunting opportunities are also available including limited bison hunting throughout the year.

Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch will serve as the host ranch for the National Bison Association's 2014 Summer Conference.

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In 2016, building off the momentum from, Randy and Jane took a leap on releasing another brand of direct to consumer products: Good Life Premium Meats. Currently, this brand of products is listed alongside products, offering premium Elk Meat and Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef products to consumers looking for high quality meat items.

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